Neon Law Foundation awarded the Nevada Bar Foundation Grant for 2022

Neon Law Foundation awarded the Nevada Bar Foundation Grant for 2022

We are excited to announce that the Nevada Bar Foundation has awarded Neon Law Foundation with a 2022 Foundation Grant. As a nonprofit incorporated in Nevada, this award means a lot to us as a nod from our home state’s support of our work and dedication to privacy law education.

With this Foundation Grant, the Nevada Bar supports the Neon Law Foundation’s externship program for law students. Our externship program offers law students the opportunity to research and write on important privacy law topics such as federal and state privacy laws, instructional blogs on data removal requests, and current privacy litigation efforts for school credit. Our externship program provides practical work experience and hands-on legal training to students. During their externship, students advance in legal research and writing skills while contributing to the growing field of privacy education and advocacy.

The Neon Law Foundation is excited to have the support of the Nevada Bar Foundation and being able to continue to offer the legal externship program.

This grant is a matching grant. Your support is most appreciated:

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