Meet Our 2022 Summer Fellow

Meet Our 2022 Summer Fellow
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Branden Parent is our 2022 Summer Intern and a rising 2L at UNLV Boyd School of Law.

What talent are you most proud of?

I am proud of my ability to write poetry and prose.

Do you know your Meyers-Briggs?

No, but I would like to!

What are your pet peeves?

You know that moment in time when you drop something so you try to catch it but instead, it bounces off the back of your hand and you continue to try to catch it but it continuously bounces off your hands to the point it just falls. That right there is my pet peeve.

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

Definitely an extrovert! Love to explore and enjoy the city with friends and family.

Are you an animal person?

Absolutely! Mostly dogs and cats but have to give 1% of love to cats. My moto is dogs will love their owner no matter what but cats have to choose to love you which makes their affection all the more meaningful.

What’s your favorite tv show to binge-watch?

Stranger Things, Attack on Titan, and recently The Dropout.

What’s your favorite meal to cook yourself?

Steak and Seafood Pan Roast. You can’t go wrong with soul food or Creole cuisine!

What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?

Anything Non-Fiction that pertains to politics, history, or interesting facts. I know, I know, a cheesy answer for a law student but I just can’t “escape” to another world in a fiction book when our rights are being trampled on!

What places are on your travel bucket list?

Rome, Japan, and England!

Do you prefer to fly or drive when you travel?

Definitely flying. But you can get me a multi-million dollar RV driving is the way to go! *maybe one day (‘:

Where would you move to if you could bring your friends and family with you?

Washington D.C.; the city has always been one of my favorites!

Who was your favorite celebrity?

Joel Kinnaman! If you haven't seen him act in House of Cards or For All Mankind you are missing out!

What subjects did you most enjoy in school?

U.S History! Always been interested to learn about our past.

What did you enjoy most about your last job?

Everyone was extremely kind and caring! They supported my decision to attend law school and wanted to help the best they could. It was a very disappointing time to have to leave.