How to: Delete Your Data From Google

How to remove your personal information from appearing on a Google Search

Google lets people make free requests to have personally identifying information of theirs not show up on Google searches. To start, go to

Click the options that reflect the nature of the personal information you want deleted:

After making your choices, you will be taken to another section. See below for an example of a removal request:

At this point you should, or already should have, gone on Google to search yourself. For tips on how to best search yourself, see

Save the URL of the Google search page that shows websites you want your information hidden from, and the URL of the page you found that holds your information.

If possible, take a screenshot of the page that has the personally identifying information that you want removed from Google search, and upload as directed.

That’s it. Submit the request and you will receive a confirmation to your email address that Google is processing your request. You will receive notification by email of any updates, or additional information Google may need.

As you may have noticed, there is an option for an authorized representative to do the job of making these removal requests on your behalf. Please see our Services page and feel free to have us do the work for you!  

Note: even if Google removes content from showing up on its Goole Search, the data may still exist on the web. This means someone can still view the content on the page that hosts it, or find it through social media, search engines that aren’t Google, or other ways. This is why you may wish to contact the webmaster of the website and ask them to remove the content. Learn how to contact a webmaster, or again, ask us to do this for you through our Services.

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