How It Works

Anyone is free to use this website to learn about their Right to Be Forgotten and how to remove their personal information from sites like Google. We encourage you to search for blogs for sites you are interested in removing your data from. If you would like to see a new article for a site or data processor that does not exist, please email us at

If you are a Gold or Platinum subscriber, you can email us at with your name, country and/or state of residence, and what site you want your personal information removed from.

Platinum subscribers can also ask us to search the internet on their behalf to find out where their information is. We continuously improve our scraper and every time we do, we will search again for all platinum subscribers to see where their data is.

Technical Diagram

You can follow how your requests flow through our system below. As soon as you are satisfied with your requests or 180 days after your requset was received, we will delete your data.

Success Stories

You can read this list of where we have successfully deleted data from. If you want your data deleted, please inquire within!

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