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Donating to the Neon Law Foundation

If you are in a capacity to give (please, no obligation), we would appreciate your time or money.


Time is always more valuable than money.

Lawyer volunteers

Our organization is looking for legal volunteers to provide low-cost data deletion services for people who indicate their interest on this website.

Student Fellowships

The current fellow for the Neon Law Foundation is JS.

You can choose between paid work and school credit via externships.


If you are interested in data deletion and tangential privacy rights, we would appreciate your help in expanding our legal information documentation to be easy-to-read, accurate, and globally available. Email us at [email protected] with the subject Fellowship Interest and your resume in PDF form as an attachment.

Past Fellows




Please email [email protected] for an ETH address.

Employer match

If your employer has a program with Benevity or similar employee match, we would appreciate any donation to be anonymous.

Contact us

Email [email protected] for more information.