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2022 Fellow

· 3 min read

Aireyawna Youmans is our 2022 Fellow. She is currently a student at UNLV Law School and aspires to be an IT lawyer.


I am proud of my ability to write poetry and prose.


Bad communication.

An ambivert. I can totally have fun learning from and meeting new people, but also prefer my own company and enjoy a lot of space.

Quite-so. Bunnies are my favorite. If you are in the Las Vegas area, please consider adopting through Bunnies Matter, a nonprofit dedicated to chipping and rehoming bunnies that were once abandoned here.

I do not enjoy tv shows.

It's really hard to mess up anything in the fish and vegetable department. My favorite meal is halo-halo, although it can be a bit messy to make.

I enjoy reading surveillance-history books and books of poetry.

If it is on Earth somewhere, I would like to see it.

Definitely flying.

Vegas will always be home.

Definitely a tie. We went to Red Rock, read poetry, ate fruits and cheese, and basked in the sun until it went down. Or, when we went to a rage room and broke plates and glasses and computer parts and then watched fish swim around quietly afterward.

Pretty much any of the bands or artists I was listening to at the time.

Zoology and history for sure. Though, I was a fan of any class that let me read under my desk.

My boss was a really cool person; he challenged me to find my own answers before asking others questions.